As said by the great physicist of all time, Albert Einstein, creativity is the way of expressing yourself out and concurrently doing some amazing, innovative and dynamic stuff for the world.



e=mc2Sometimes; the formula for big idea is always small…but growing every moment. Just like the digital space. A&M is harnessing its creative energy and talents of embrace digital space.


A&M has developed top-of-line capabilities in effective Event Conceptualization, Design and Implementation. Access to latest technology and the modern infrastructure enables us to offer a host of host services to our clients.



A&M is an integrated advertising agency, producing everything from traditional TV, outdoor and press advertising to social and digital media. With an experienced and successful media buying team on board,


Satyajit Ray (1921-1992) - A class apart director. Cinematographer. Music Director. Advertising Art Director & Cover Designer. Storywriter. Editor of a magazine and……Shall we need to say more? About the definition of versatility?

Versatility. The word with which we live together every day in and day out. Master of all trade and jack of none, that's the way we curve the proverb in our way.

We produce Corporate Communications, Branding, Advertising, Direct Mailers, OOH, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Public Relations, Corporate Films, Events and Exhibitions and all that comes in-between.

Clear thinking and strong creative ideas backed up by powerful words and images are the backbone of everything we do. We are a full service INS accredited advertising agency and are capable of taking concepts all the way through to completion.

Collectively we have many years of experience in working for Corporate, PSUs, State & Central Government Organization as well as in Retail sector. 


Our Associates


09 Mar

Did you grow up in the 90s?

Advertising Success Key
11 Aug

Consider a job interview, where the way you present yourself; your gesture, talking skills all sum up to the way you ADVERTISE y

Advertising - An Accelerator for Social Progress
29 Jul
Advertising plays a huge role in shaping our society and culture too.
11 Mar

The presentations, style, content of newspapers have changed over the years.

09 Feb

“An advertising agency is 85 percent confusion and 15 percent commission”- Fred A. Allen, famous American comedian. 

07 Jan

Advertising and Public relations are the two crucial tools used to influence the target audience today.

14 Nov

Namaskara Puri! This was the phrase with which we greeted the holy land of Lord Jagannatha, Puri.

14 Nov

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14 Nov

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About Us

We are A&M…and not O&M. And yes we are aware of it. We are not big in size but BIG in Ideas. We are always hungry and on our toes 24x7 to deliver our best.

We love to challenge ourselves and believe WE CAN…

We are a full-service and INS accredited advertising agency head quartered in Ranchi with Corporate Office in Kolkata .


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