6 Insights on Advertising Vs Public Relations

Advertising and Public relations are the two crucial tools used to influence the target audience today. Both go hands in handand thus are often confused with each other. Similar in nature to some extent, these two are wide apart from each and serve different purpose and goals in the communication business. So let us try to get some idea on these two.

Here are some key insights on the duo:

1. The Meaning:

Public relations are well crafted process to build a positive image of the company in the market. It helps to maintain the reputation of the company with its Business partners, Stakeholders, Employees, Dealers, and Retailer etc. It also helps prevent the crisis situation for the company.

On the other hand, Advertising is more about running ads through various publishers. The sole motive is to persuade the consumers to buy the product. Advertising is done to increase the sales of the product or services and enhance the brand awareness.

2. Tools:

Public Relations are practiced through Press Release, Newsletter, Blogs, Press kit, Seminar, Trade shows, Social Media, News conference. Tools of Advertising are Print ads, TV commercial, Radio spots/jingles, OOH, Social media marketing, SEO and various other marketing collaterals.

3. Trust Factor:

Public relations gain more trust as it is endorsed by a credible third party. For example, a press release published in national daily or a film star tweeting about a charitable event gains more conviction. Advertisements today are less likely to be reliable. As mostly the facts and essential information are not represented with honesty, resulting in an increased number of cases on big brands nowadays.

4. Cost Effective:

A press release, news conference or social media marketing are done in very less expenses.It all depends on the innovative ideas or your professional network. Whereas advertisers have to keep in mind the look, design, theme, all creative aspect as well as go through media buying procedure which sometimes cost a hole in the client’s pocket.

5. Creative Control:

There is no creative control on the press releases. Mostly the length, size, content, pictures are all decided by the publisher. The matter to be published is sent to the editor and it is published accordingly. Advertisements are fully controlled by the looks, visuals, copy, captions. There can’t be any changes without the acknowledgement of the client.

6. Shelf Life:

Press Relations are impactful yet it is not remembered for long. Press releases about an event or new launch has a shelf life of only a day.

An advertisement can be aired or published, for as long period as the client wants. It can be aired continuously, or in a particular season, particular time of the day. Advertisements help in developing brand image for longer time in the consumer mindset.



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