Common Misconceptions About a Creative Advertising Agency

“An advertising agency is 85 percent confusion and 15 percent commission”- Fred A. Allen, famous American comedian. 

Well it says a lot about how people perceived ‘advertising’ decades back. Things have not really changed in the minds of those people, who don’t have a fair knowledge in advertising.

Coming from a conservative family, back in home I was often asked by my relatives and friends that what my job is all about and what exactly I do the whole day, for which I had no answers except futile explanations and a forced smile.

So, let’s dig into certain misconceptions that most have in their minds about ‘advertising’. So here is the list of common misconception; people have in their mind for an ad agency.

1. What do they do in an Advertising agency!!

Advertising does not mean designing an advertisement / creative layout with a certain visual and a slogan /caption; it involves much more than that. It is a combined effort of research work, analytics, strategic planning, ideation, choosing the best medium and combined effort to produce an ad that would create value for the brand.

2. Advertising means a glamorous and fun-filled career…

Well, like in any other profession, there’s lot of hard work, rejection and struggle involved in advertising field than just the glamour involved. People only get to see one side of the story. Nonetheless, hard work is the only way to succeed.

3. They just make ads!

Very simple to comment but very hard to implement…
Most of us who are into advertising agencies, have had heard ‘such a simple ad, we can also do it’ or ‘the copy can be better, it’s not matching with the visual’.
Pick up a pen or a brush and try out something new… you’ll land up with the same old ideation. Thinking out-of-the box and going beyond the usual is all about advertising in today’s scenario. It’s much more than writing two lines or designing a visual, it’s all about conception and ideation.
Today Ad agencies are very much part of our lives, given the fact that we are exposed to so much advertising on a daily basis, and on virtually every medium that we see – TV, Newspaper, Websites, Hoardings, Bus shelters, it’s everywhere!!

4. Metro cities are the only hubs of creativity

The presence of bigger brands makes metro cities the hub of creativity and creative agencies, but with the infrastructure improved setup, qualification level going up, and availability of affordable resources, smaller cities are now coming in front with innovative, creative ideas and shaking the world. Way to go…

5. Advertising Agencies have strict hierarchy

Many ad agencies today operate like a start-up. This means that everyone has a crucial role to play, and the most creative and compelling ideas are pushed to the top. It gives the agency a better platform to grow, with both experienced and young dynamic talents fused together.

6. Ad agency only needs creative people

Traditionally, most agencies have four main functions — Client Servicing, Media planning and buying, Creative, and Account and administration. So, even if you studied accounts, you can still join Ad world!

7. Creative people are weird

Well there is actually no truth in this. Gone are the days when, long hairs, beard, smoke in hand, stinky clothes, lost in their own world were some of the adjectives to define Creative people. Not today!! They are much more fashionable and look conscious than any other supermodel.

8. Everyone in Advertising makes a fortune

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha……………… Again the same old truth ‘Hardwork’. 


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