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Social Media Engagement & Marketing

Social media is yet another channel for overall digital marketing effort. This not only a crucial but at the same time this has become a necessary one for overall digital marketing mix. Why so? Reasons are being is to establish the business credentials, communications to the interested parties and leverage the huge community (in fact it’s a parallel world) for business growth. The below data would give you a fair picture on target audience and demography on few of the social media networks.

  • Pinterest (Social site that is all about discovery) - 70 million users
  • Twitter (Micro blogging social site that limits posts to 140 characters) - 289 million active users
  • Facebook (Mobile is Facebook’s cash cow – 1.31 monthly active mobile users) - 1.5 billion monthly active users
  • Instagram (Social sharing site all around pictures and now 15 second videos) - 300 million active users
  • Google+ (Social network built by Google that allows for brands and users to build circles) - 300 million active users
  • LinkedIn (Business oriented social networking site) - 380 million users worldwide

There are 3 major purposes of social media marketing and promotion:

  • Financial – Revenue, Expenses, Leads
  • Customers – Service, Support, Satisfaction, Fans
  • Brand – Awareness, Innovation, Communication and Innovation (co-creation)

Selecting right social media platform for your business

Now among all available social media channels, one should pick the right one or a mix of proper digital marketing channels. Selection depends on the nature of the business, types of products & services, the short and long term goals, target audience, target market and so on.

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