Who are We?

Age is just a number.
Look at us. We are just 15. And we are already an adult. Starting off as a mere advertising agency, we slowly spread our wings. Today we have blossomed into a 3600 communication solutions provider. Which includes anything and everything.
From conceptualizing a brand to positioning it. From making a campaign to planning and strategizing and sustaining it. From events and activations to printing. From handling PR, to social and digital media marketing.
We do it all. And we do it all by ourselves.
That’s us. A 3600 communication outfit. That is looked up to, within just 15 years.

Our Achievements

Achievements cannot be always measured by awards and rewards. It is something that is reflected in other’s eyes.
For us, we have tasted all three of them.
Awards. Rewards. Respect.
The latest came in the form of One Among The Top 25 Most Creative Agency by the prestigious CEO Magazine, Delhi.
But we believe these achievements and recognitions are the fruits of a process. The seeds of which were sowed good 15 years back, when we started. The process of not getting carried away by a mere good looking campaign, but measure its effectiveness.
Yes, we boast of the long standing relationship we have with our clients. Some of them, from the day we started. Our successes lay in the brands that we have built over the years. Our appreciation comes from the common people when they love our campaigns. Above all, our achievements come in the form of the clients’ trust that they have bestowed on us over the decade.
That’s what our biggest achievement is.

Our Team

We have an interesting team. And each member of the team has varied interest.

A copywriter who is an aspiring chef. A media planner who is a movie buff. An accountant who is a footballer. A designer who is a fitness freak… and so on.

It is a mad house. But there are people who bring the method in madness.

Those, who act not as mere captains but as the capstans.