Advertising – An Accelerator

Advertising plays a huge role in shaping our society and culture too.

Advertisements are not only just for introducing the brand and selling their products but also for reaching a huge benefit in a tiny period. Advertising can have both positive and negative effects on their targeted audience.

The way we see, think, understand and act… advertising is a complete picture of our own society. Over the past century, the advertising industry has come a long way. But as the world evolved, so did the competition between the Newspapers, Radio, TV and many more. They all compete for their potential customers’ attention. To come out of this problem, advertisers had to adjust their focus from the ‘what’ to the ‘why.’

In today’s fast-paced world advertising has become more focused on brand than the product. Branding is basically a two-way conversation as social media has given consumers a voice unlike anything ever seen before. Each and every brand has to be more transparent in a genuine and authentic way—to live and demonstrate their values. They need to walk with their customers. If they do so, then only they will win both the hearts and the minds of consumers, which build sales overnight and the brand over time.

Advertising has the power to change public opinion faster and farther than any other influencing factors. It can really work as an accelerator for social progress.

Don’t you think it is necessary to create responsible advertising that has a positive impact on society? It’s true that advertising has reflected societal change in a big way.

The advertising industry is concentrating towards their pioneer work that cashes in on insights born out of human behavior and converts them into campaigns that connect with consumers and attracts a premium.