Top 3 brands that nailed mobile marketing strategy

Today, we will discuss the facts about the mobile marketing strategy that some of the well-known brands have used to gain success in their business. An effective mobile strategy does not mean to achieve the maximum business opportunity. It implies that giving the customers a personalized and agile experience that they are in need. The mobile strategy has now become the second option for various brands, but still, now a perfect mobile strategy can help your business to grow at a faster pace.

Therefore, let’s explore the name of such marketing brands for future those who can rule the market using mobile marketing strategy.

  • Nike:- This brand always comes first when it comes to mobile marketing their brand. Their iconic shoes logo to their Just do it slogan is their brand, that nailed the market with their innovative strategies. Clothing and the garments companies always come in the first name when the question of mobile marketing comes into existence. Knowing your audience is crucial in mobile marketing, and Nike is successful in understanding that more effectively. Nike is quick to utilize the video moments in the most effective manner to reach their target audience easily.
  • Adidas:- After Nike, Adidas is the next big brand that understands the perfect mobile marketing strategy. They have an impressionable and youth brigade in their target customer base and they are the best in this segment to deliver the future generations the outfits and kits they require. Their celebrity endorsement Lionel Messi and Karlie Kloss, gives an iconic face an image to this brand they are comfortable in their apparel. You can quickly call it one of the best marketing brands for the future.
  • Walmart:- Over the past few years, Walmart has matured enough to develop the perfect online mobile marketing strategy to attract its target audience. They are now partnering with Google to deliver voice shopping options to its customers. Hundreds and thousands of their products are being sold using Google assistant.


Hence, from the above information, it has become clear about the name of the top three brands that are dominating the market with a perfect mobile marketing strategy to develop themselves as future leaders.

10 Tips for managing creative people


A difficult client is actually a misnomer, because a “client” or a an ‘account’ (in our advertising parlance) cannot be difficult. It is only a person or persons on the client’s side who pose the difficulties. Mind you whatever people say on the internet (I am talking mostly about experts sharing from the Europe or the America) is almost not applicable in India. Why?

The communication business as we know it evolved in the West and because of phenomenal growth in industry

and economies, grew and flourished and became a worldwide feature. But we are getting away from the point – most important ‘brands’ or ‘clients’ in India are an elite segment who are educated, knowledgeable, responsive to new ideas, and willing to listen to professionals outside their own field (meaning us advertising and PR professionals). The bulk, however, are traders or people who happened to come upon a new product or a service and then made a killing in the market, became wealthy, and began to advertise – they are the ones who need convincing.

However there are certain ways that we can ‘woo’ such ornery people away from their mindset or mindlessness. Here’s how…

  1. Be patient and actively listen to what he/she wishes to tell you. You may know more, but the guy sitting in that chair made the money and he is the one who’s going to spend it, so show some respect and wait for him to come around
  2. Choose your words carefully and be cautious about exhibiting your language skills especially in English. Gauge the person’s abilities before you venture ahead. Consciously avoid jargon in early meetings – the client may feel intimidated if he is not familiar. If he pulls a fast one on you by using such terms, counter to simply demonstrate that you are a cut above; do not express your “superiority” be it in knowledge or in strategic thinking.
  3. In fact you should be a little submissive to begin with for example always tone down your counter statement by saying “…from my limited experience” – it will make you more tolerant and the increase client acceptability
  4. Try and get to the heart of the requirement - ask clients for specific examples of their problems, suggest specific remedies for that problem, set deadlines across the table if possible
  5. Don’t always agree – ready agreement with the clients viewpoint may irritate some of them, move away from the subject and take a round about route to suggesting a solution
  6. Keep your focus on what your client wants you to achieve – focus on the outcome; don’t waste your time with trivia or running round trying to analyze symptoms of the problem, try and work towards the end goal
  7. If possible persuade the client to sit-in on “Skype’ meetings - then you have a ‘visual document’ of what transpired and what was actually said; for important meetings or briefing sessions you can even think of video or audiography; later you can always point at a certain thing and say that “we have solved this and are moving on to the next”
  8. If you feel that you are setting off “sparks” every time you meet the client – then you are ‘conflict-prone’ (or the client is); best is to find another member of your team to assign to the client; If you can, ask the client who they’d prefer to handle their account, so they don’t feel slighted, but rather realize that you’re providing them with exemplary customer service.
  9. Part company – in other words resign the client, spend your time working with more productive clients, and one of your competitors gets your irrational client. That’s a win-win.
  10. It is not wrong to ‘repeat’ - Once he's had time to explain why he's upset, or what he wants, repeat his concerns so you're sure that you're addressing the right issue. If you need to, ask questions to make sure that you've identified the problem correctly.

Our clients appreciated our quick transition

As the corona pandemic arrived in India, the countdown to lockdown began. When life goes on, the show must go on. So we switched our mode of operations and zoomed in. The landscape changed from cubicles. Every home turned into a veritable office as employees connected online, ready for daily briefs every morning. In the midst of global slow down, we faced no slow down in terms of deliverables. Work happened faster, clients looked happier. With shortened deadlines and almost-perfect work getting approved, we found ourselves at home with the new order.

As clouds gathered on the business horizon during the lockdown period, a pall of gloom spread. But clouds have a silver lining. So there is hope alive. Just like us.  Not like the virus sure to lose the fight.

Our clients appreciated our quick transition to beat the chameleon at its game. New strengths made us energetic and ecstatic. With better operational efficiencies and reduced overheads, we decided to flatten our revenue curve. As we became confident of sharing these strengths with our clients, to help them cope with the current crisis and stay strong on the business front, we slashed our service charges for small and medium-sized businesses.

When the pandemic ends and good times make a big splash, there should be some positive takeaways from this dark phase to keep us happily married for life.

Stay safe, stay strong. We are together for long.

Home-quarantined for 21 days? time to pick up a new hobby or share smile.

At the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, looking at the exponential rise in the death toll and the density of the Indian population, PM Modi decided on a complete lockdown for 21 days, starting from Tuesday, midnight, you are now strictly advised to stay at home. As the experts say, staying home- quarantined is the only way to prevent the outbreak of the contagious Covid Infection Cycle.

We understand that, due to this pandemic,  a constant fear factor, anxiety and panic is playing a major role in your life. But don't you think, there are ways to bring in positive aspects, during these 21 days home stay, to overcome this situation?

Yes, this is the time, when you can explore your hidden talents, engage yourself in some fun activities from your house and revive your hobbies, which you had left undone for a very long time.

So, ble it gardening, painting, cooking or just engaging your creative minds into various crafts, we have listed out options for you to explore. Read on to find out:

Re-discover the Rockstar in you!

You were a music lover in your college days? Unfortunately, with time, you lost your passion for it? But hey! This is the time! Take out your guitar, drum, flute or any other musical instrument lying at the corner of your house and start playing your favorite melodies to re-discover the Rockstar in you.

Awaken your inner artist!

Be it your book-shelf or your table top, we know that, for a very long time you have been looking for ways to re-decorate the various corners of your house. Even few days ago, you were thinking of purchasing some home-decor products online for those corners. Noooo…  Not anymore! This is the time! Be it candle-making or photo-frame designing, be it pottery-painting or stitching cushion covers, awaken your inner artist! Try creating some stunning home-decors on your own. And trust us, you can do wonders for your house.

Get creative with your cooking!

Remember helping your mother in kitchen and taking cooking lessons from her, whenever you found time from your books? We are sure, cooking used to be your favorite passtime. But, it  must have been a while now, that you have cooked something really good for yourself and your family? Now that you are home-quarantined, this is the time! Make something mouth-watering just your mom's way and bring back those old memories.

Join a Virtual Book Club…

You are an avid reader. You take suggestions from your friends and colleagues, and enlist those names in your phone memory, as your memory is bad player, very often. Now that you have some extra time, dive into that list. Although, reading is a solitary activity, but virtual book clubs offer you with live discussions with authors. This definitely will keep you motivated and allow you to connect with other readers like you, thereby, enhancing your knowledge.

Garden Creatively…

Gardening is a common hobby amongst most people. And if you have a backyard or balcony in your apartment, during this time of social-distancing, why not re-cultivate your old hobby of gardening in a creative way? Cause it's not just about gardening! You can come up with various ways to make it all green. Or if you love the bohemian vibe, decorate your flower tubs with vibrant colors. You can also add beddings and colourful cushions to sit and relax.

When the quarantine phase is over, you will have something to cherish for.

Start Writing….

Do you remember winning many writing competions during your school and college days? But, since you are in a completely different sector now, that skill of yours goes untouched.

But, hey! Writing in general makes for a great hobby! And this is the time! Be it a fiction or poetry, just go for it! You can even write a journal. Who knows? During this time, this might be just the way to express all your emotions.

Volunteer from your home…

Share the warmth and see your happiness doubling up.

If you are preparing home cooked meal for yourself and your family members, please remember the faces of ailing senior citizens depending on the maid on holiday for their grub or the sentient police personnel who has dared to take to the streets to fight NCOV by mandating the needful. They are no less than your own family members.

During this lockdown situation, when most of you are at home to be safe from NCOV, you will find many starved faces in your neighborhood.

The elderly, who are unable to cook on their own, and have to depend upon their cook or some home-delivery systems for their food. There are students or labours who have come to the city, from outside, and are severely stuck in this precarious situation.

We request all of you to take part in this initiative and share the bounty to the one who needs, be it an elderly or a kid or poor, nobody deserves to starve. The police who is patrolling your area day in and day out, for your safety, has the guts of an invincible warrior but is made of flesh and blood like the ones staying inside. This is high time to show gratitude and empathy in form of a small biscuit packet and some piping hot tea with disposable paper cups. These small gifts will put a smile curve on their face, a small step from you, but a giant leap for the mankind.

Let us make an attempt to heal with love.

#StayHome #BringASmile #StaySafe

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

From the rise of augmented reality to voice search along with influencer marketing, 2019 was a more or less good year for digital marketers.

The journey of digital marketing industry is only expected to rise, this year.

Moreover, to stay ahead in the market, it’s always better to be aware of the upcoming digital marketing trends.

And here are some notable trends which are going to play an important role in digital marketing, this year.

Trend 1:  Predictive Analysis to Anticipate Results

We are living in an age, where people or consumers may consume content in an unstructured manner, but they are actually doing a lot of homework before taking a buying decision, these days

Here comes the role of Predictive marketing in play, which takes all the unstructured interactions in loop by taking a look at the existing positive data patterns, expecting results accordingly.

  • Many industries, like the hotels and resorts have recently invested in this technology heavily to determine the number of guests on a particular day or an event, so as to increase their booking rates.
  • Many innovative online digital marketing services too are harping  upon the predictive analysis, such as past purchase history, consumer preferences and behavior so as to recommend new product or to experience  better personalized retail  for shoppers and deliver highly targeted product recommendations via email or browser extensions.
  • In fact, many platforms have recently started talking about predictive analysis as well as predictive lead score on their blogs and podcasts. A lot of research and development goes into this, to start offering capability not only to MNCs but to mainstream small business alike.

Trend 2: Insta Shoppable Posts

Social Media over the two years now, have introduced shoppable posts. However, 2020 is going to witness an explosion of these blinking dots. Mainly because of the out-of-the-box integrations with third party apps and new online digital marketing techniques.

With the number of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest users’ rising buying impulse, many online digital marketing companies are realizing the impact social media can have on e-commerce sales, with increased traffic.

However, number of active worldwide Instagram users are1 billion. 90% of them follow shopping brands.  These are Instagram’s  shoppable posts, i.e., instant shopping mostly with clicks on mobile phones.

But here the customers are allowed to quickly see what products are shown in the images  and buy the products directly from the images or videos, by clicking on easy tagged links to purchase  the product.

With this feature, the purchasing time of the customers is reduced significantly and it also creates more efficient conversion funnel for users and sellers, alike.

Trend 3: Visual Search is the Future Now

Every human being can understand pictures in the blink of an eye, in comparison to reading or understanding texts. Considering this, it will not be very strange to see search moving towards the visual way. Therefore, it’s time to meet  visual search, which means every time Google lens camera which points at a piece of clothing, it is performing a visual search of the “….kinda like that, but different”

It’s not just the style matching to that awesome outfit or finding out what type of chair is in that interior, it is going much ahead of that. Photo apps can read text in images and translate them.

Modern consumers are interested in using visual search as part of their shopping experience, thereby increasing the traffic.

Trend 4: Google Ad Strategy  

These days, the focus is more on the paid ad campaigns leading to more clicks on the page, which thereby leads to better visibility of the potential customers. This works as a marketing and lead generating tool, increasing in-store visits while customers are searching for products and services offered.

Trend 5: Emotional Analysis

These days, digital marketing companies only need one keyword to perform an analysis. If a customer comments the word “excellent”, artificial intelligence immediately studies the comment and understands if the post is negative or positive. From there, necessary adjustments can be made in the products and services for the potential customers.

Trend 6: Mobile Optimization

Digital Marketing companies know that, web designing is a laborious task. And it simply doesn’t end at designing. There’s a lot more to it.

It has to be made sure that the buttons click at the right links to make it work flawlessly from the desktops, laptops, Android mobile phones and even from an 8-year old’s i-Pod touch. It is here that the term, “mobile optimization” comes into play.

And yes, mobile optimization is a process, where potential customers access websites from their mobile phones. For instance, if a potential customer is cruising over Amazon, the site should be so easy-to-use that it becomes possible to access the site from the visitors PCs, i-Pads, Android phones, etc . It also has to be made sure that the site is mobile optimized so that, the visitors don’t miss a single sale offer, over something like platform preference.

Trend 7: AR and VR Marketing 

AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Both are quickly becoming the top digital marketing trends. Although, Virtual Reality has been very popular of the two for a very long time, some major digital marketing companies have already started using AR. Using this app is fun!

A user, for instance, wants to purchase a piece of furniture, using this app; the furniture will look exactly like it would look in the user’s space. Considering this, it can be very well predicted that, AR will soon outspace VR in 2020 and by 2021 and will continue to shape the future of digital marketing.

Trend 8:  Focus is on the Video

While content is supposed to be the king; videos make viewers absorb information easily. Due to which, several digital marketing companies and content creators are constantly focusing upon have engaging contents through videos, making video marketing the key for conversions, according to the 2020 digital marketing trends.

Trend 9:

Last, but not the least!  Digital marketing companies just cannot ignore voice search. By 2021, Indian language internet users are most likely to rise by 75% of India’s internet user base. And research shows that 9 out 10 internet users; mainly in India are probable Indian language speakers. Recognising the opportunities, several famous e-commerce, telcos and car brands have included voice-activated search, thereby making searches easy and getting more traffic to the websites. Moreover, today many, almost 31% of smarphone users across the world use voice-activated search. And in 2020 it is believed that most of the searches will be voice searches, making it one of the biggest  online marketing trends of 2020.


Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook is a huge social media platform. It has the highest online presence in the world, today. With its growing popularity, several brands and marketers have started gaining opportunities to reach out to new target audience.

Keeping this in mind, Digital Marketing experts create Face-book Ads like Lead Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Boost Ads, etc to measure how much interest they can generate and if they can promote client websites  by sending potential customers to different landing pages or blog posts in a cost-effective way.

But sometimes it becomes difficult for marketers to understand which FB Ad will work the best to bring success to their business.

Therefore, Facebook Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) has become quite a divisive topic for several Digital Marketing Companies in the recent few years.

And the rationale behind CBO is absolutely clear – to promise improved ad performance and deliver killer results at lowest cost and with very little effort.

Today Campaign Budget Optimisation may be optional, where we can test and toggle our campaign budget. But, as per Facebook  this  is, “An easier way to maximize campaign results”.

So, how does Campaign Budget Optimization work?  

Facebook defines Campaign Budget Optimization very clearly in their knowledge base.

“Campaign budget optimization is a way of optimizing the distribution of a campaign budget across your campaign’s ad sets. This means Facebook automatically and continuously finds the best available opportunities for results across your ad sets and distributes your campaign budget in real time to get those results.”

This explains that, instead of setting our budget on the adset level and checking the amount spent on each segment, we can tell Facebook the amount we want to spend for an entire campaign and allow it to do the rest.

Here’s a visual difference in reference to Facebook’s comparison :


The CBO Background

Brands and marketers, these days carve a specific amount against their ad sets – mostly based on their historical performance, audience size or estimated scalability. However, where budgets live at both the campaign and ad set level. The campaign level determines the overall amount or spent limit. And the ad set levels split the budget between the target audiences. And once the budget is set, the campaign starts optimizing between the ad sets.

What’s Changing the Marketers?

The CBO Tool is designed in a way that it segregates the target audience and automatically shifts budget to the top-performing ad sets. Performance of the ad sets depends mostly upon the objective of the campaign and Facebooks’s method of optimization. After which Facebook’s machine learning will decide which ad set is performing most efficiently.

To make it simpler, this update will help marketers to continuously distribute the budget as per the audience and  to keep checking real-time top performing ad sets, determining the best daily optimizations.

What is the Impact of the Performance?

‘The Breakdown Effect” is a recent article, which explains, why in spite of being ‘efficient” will this functionality, it could not perform well and became more expensive during the early days of the campaign, when compared to the Instagram Stories.

This explains why the ad campaign should be maximized to drive more results, at more efficient cost.  And therefore, with this functionality of Facebook, the results should be viewed at the overall campaign level, understanding performance between the ad sets. In this case, Facebook, will avoid expensive outcomes, until lower cost is achieved.

Know the Elements of SEO strategy to optimize an Organization

In this modern internet era, when there are lots of people searching for products and services on-line, a website definitely matters; to not only the potential customers, but it matters a lot for digital marketing companies, like ours. And when it comes to ranking high in search and making websites of brands responsive everywhere (whether computer or on mobile), along with the constantly changing SEO strategy, we, A&M Communication, as a growing digital marketing company will certainly need an entire team around us to develop a plan that will find the right keywords to optimize contents for our business growth.

SEO Strategy 1:  Determining Keywords – The Building Blocks for SEO

SEO is there to rank as many keywords as possible. And these are not just any keywords. These are words or phrases that our customers use to search, which help them to find products and services on-line. Moreover, it is impossible to rank just any keyword combination. A keyword with high search volume and, lower difficulty is what we want, to be on the first-page of Google.

SEO Strategy 2: Perform Competitor Analysis 

Nobody knows that our rival is better than us. Therefore it is better that we engage into a competitor analysis. Yes, competitive keywords analysis is one of the most crucial and effective ways to gain advantage, when comes to communication and marketing online.  And as Kanary says, “It will be up to you to guide your agency by letting them know what competitors look at.”

SEO Strategy 3: Match Content with Keyword Intent

If, for instance, you search for the phrase “garage door repair”, you would get to see articles about purchasing new garage doors? Or you would want to see something instructional or some video about how to repair your garage door?

Yes, this how we plan keywords for content communication and marketing online. And yes, it’s important for us to put ourselves in the searcher’s shoes to understand what exactly they are looking for. We match contents with the keywords to make the search for potential customer easy, and to figure out what type of content would work to make our client’s websites better.

Time to time, we also have to check if keywords needed to be changed to make the content strategy suitable, keeping the a few things in mind:

Awareness: Keywords should be planned and focused in a way that, it is close to the problems or symptoms visitors to our website or our client’s website may be experiencing.

Consideration: Keywords should be planned in a way that, it is centered on specific names and solutions that products provide.

Decision: Purchase or Sales keywords and content help sell the products or services.  

SEO Strategy 4: Website Optimization for Keywords  

We as a growing digital marketing company can determine the keywords not only to optimize the contents, but also to optimize client’s websites by doing things like:

  • Including the appropriate keyword in each title
  • Ensuring that the title is a part of Meta description and URL.
  • Checking if the title is within 65 characters.
  • Associating content with campaign.
  • Including call to action button.
  • Using sub-heads that include the keyword phrase.
  • Ensuring that the keywords are included frequently throughout the blog post.
  • Including at least 2 internal links to product pages and related blogs.

But there’s a lot that goes into digital marketing strategy, especially when it comes to SEO. Something that worked five years ago may not be relevant anymore. And in addition to SEMrush, digital marketing companies like ours should have some basic tools, like BuzzSumo, SpyFu, Google Auto Suggest, and Google AdWords Keyword Tool to keep us ahead of the competition.

Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

We know that, Digital Marketing has been around for almost two centuries now. May be in terms of marketing, it’s a fairly short period of time. But with the latest changes and pitfalls taken into consideration, it is growing every day. And being fully aware of the misinformation and myths, we, A&M Communication are growing with it. Just to ensure that our brands grow, successfully in a digitally correct manner.

But is it just enough to be aware of the pitfalls, misinformation or myths?

No. It’s time that we understand them, to dispel them and grow, helping our brands to grow along with us.

Therefore we have enlisted the myths and misinformation about digital marketing.

Read on to find out.

Myth 1:  Digital Marketing is not all business cure!

There is no denying that, in this digital era, people largely depend on the internet for any information related to maybe a movie, book, or lifestyle products, for that matter. But, it is wrong to think, in this strongly technologically and digitally driven age, digital marketing is all cure for business needs.

Digital Marketing certainly is a very important and an integral part for brand strategy and media planning activities, but we, A&M Communication, as marketers still believe that, there is no better form of advertising than the word of mouth, that traditional marketing can never become obsolete.  Moreover, billboards, newspaper or magazine ads still largely influence the buying decisions of people.

And when we say 360-Degree creative agency, we try to mix that traditional along with the digital form of advertising to get the best results for our brands

Myth 2: Digital Media Marketing is Free and there’s nothing to lose 

Once the business gets marketed on social media channels or any other digital medium it’s not that there is nothing else to do or there’s nothing to lose. We, A&M Communication as a growing digital marketing agency know that keeping a track of the performance is very crucial. And it is significantly important to keep a track of what’s happening on all the channels, so as to check if the set social media or online budget is being used effectively or efficiently or not?

That’s because, digital media may not involve any financial investment at the initial stage, and these free techniques can be implemented to get primary results. But their service, which allows more reach and leads to increase brand awareness, cannot be denied and must be taken seriously.

Moreover, from the little experience that we have gathered in the past few years, we would always say that, a very nominal investment can bring good results. However, with a routine digital marketing plan, which involves setting a correct demographic to know the rightful target audience is how we get there. Mostly to attract a lot of traffic not just on the social media pages but also on the web-pages.

Myth 3:  More the Traffic, Better the Website

Yes, sure a good number of visitors on website means, business has reached a large number of potential customers. But, that does not mean that each visitor is a converted customer. Increasing traffic of a website means a digital marketing effort to not just deliver maximum traffic to the website, but deliver well-targeted traffic too. Undoubtedly, traffic to a website is essential.  But more traffic means better website, is purely a misconception about digital marketing.

Myth 5: SEO Practice is a thing of past

SEO, especially On-Page SEO, which means working with Meta tags and SEO-friendly contents is the most important digital marketing activity for Google and other search engines. Yes. That’s because Search Engines are the places, where users search for information for brands, products and services and here SEO plays a major in getting ranks and traffic for the website. Therefore, again SEO Practice is a thing of past is just another misconception about digital marketing.

Myth 4: Any Website stuffed with content is a good website

Stuffing any website with senseless contents is not the right method to build high-ranking website. This rather, is a bad practice and does more harm. The whole focus should be on quality and relevant content, which is likely to attract number of website visitors.

Myth 5:  No need of the website, when there're social Media?

Keeping in line with the myth that, social media is a great marketing tool, it should better be understood  that, without a website, in this high technology-driven industry, where most viewers or buyers, purchase their products or services online, every digital marketing strategy should be focused on bringing  the traffic to the website. And updating your website with something new every day to make it look attractive is necessary to really face tough competition out there.

Myth 6: Digital Marketing is all Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is using all the social media platforms to promote a brand and bring traffic to the website. And that is only treated as a sub-sect of digital marketing, which basically is marketing of products and services using any form of digital medium. Could be computers or mobile phones. Therefore, both the terms cannot be interchangeably used. And Digital Marketing is all Social Media Marketing is nothing but a misconception

Are you aware of any other misconceptions about digital marketing? Tell us in the comments below

Guide to Video Content Marketing for More Engagement

Content is the foundation of SEO. If you want to get more traffic, and want your page to rank well, you need exceptionally good content strategy and need to write high quality content, may be in the form of:

  • Blogs
  • Product Descriptions
  • Adding Forums, and more.

Anything you put on your website for your audience will be counted as “content”. And the whole idea is to support brands, increase brand awareness and drive-in more traffic.

 In SEO, a well written content can easily drive links to your website, and in return helps increase the search traffic from Google.

But, before that, just take a moment to think about how you must have used the internet in the past few days? Which posts made you stop scrolling through your Feed on FB or Instagram? Which webpages did you spend most time on? And what type of content did you enjoy the most?

Just like most of us, there’s a chance that videos have played an important factor in your answers, to all these questions.

And that’s where Video Marketing comes into play.

Video Marketing or Video Marketing Strategy is the need for the brands… The idea isn’t very new. But video as a marketing process has changed and has become really important on every platform in every channel.

Prev 1 of 1 Next
Prev 1 of 1 Next

Today it has become very serious and effective. A large number of business (big and small) are taking advantage of video content marketing, to stand out from the competition and achieve goals.

This beside, video content marketing is one of the biggest ways to bring in traffic from sources still untapped by most businesses.

Not just that. Video Content has become the second biggest search engine in the world, today. Be it recipes or product demos or how-to videos, for that matter, you name it, they have it.

Therefore, video content marketing is tactic that a business needs to incorporate, to get higher return from the marketing efforts.

Read on to find out some more reasons to invest in Video Content Marketing:

1. Storytelling via Video

They can touch the emotional side of the target audience as well as create deeper and meaningful connection with people. While there are several reasons that come to mind; one of the big reasons are videos tell stories, showing videos are mixture of visuals, motion and sounds. These stories can-not just connect the target audience emotionally, but helps a potential customer understand a business also, by creating a ground for its future promotions.  Even makes conversions easy.

2. Getting Converted

For any online marketing campaign; conversion rate is the most essential. If the prospects are not getting converted into leads, the business is not growing. But, by leveraging video content marketing, your business is likely to get more people to sign up for the online newsletters as well as your latest product.

3. Making Engagements Stronger 

This means that when you create and share a video content with the social media followers, there are more people watching them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Not just watching them, but sharing them at large, besides commenting on them. To get further impact on the  results, every video content strategized,  should have quality as its first priority.

4. Getting easier SEO Results

With more number of viewers, visitors and clicks on videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, there is little doubt that Google and similar other Search engines love video content and won’t hesitate to rank it higher. Therefore, Video Content Marketing creates a huge impact on SEO.  A study shown by video content records that, there is  53% percent higher chance to end up on the first page of SERPs.

Digital Marketing Agency Expectations VS. Reality

Many brands, big or small, expect a lot from digital marketing. Most of them expecting immediate results but the results always do not turn out to be the same or as per the clients’ expectations. Most of the time, that is the main reason that the clients become extremely disappointed with the digital marketing agency. They already have some pre-conceived notion about the ill-effects of digital marketing and their poor experience proves their thought.

On the other hand, there are clients or companies, who do not deny the influence of digital media or digital marketing, in their growth. In fact, they agree that, with the popularity of the internet and the various social media platforms, digital marketing has created faster and better ways of brand awareness.

In spite of the many advantages of digital marketing, there are certain myths and beliefs that need to be confronted. With the concepts changing added every other day, the clients constantly need to keep an eye upon the strategies of digital marketing and know the realities and expectation.

Read on to find out how:

Expectation: More Visibility Brings More Business

Reality: But the reality is far away from expectation.

Both the clients and digital marketers know and understand that getting traffic to the social media pages or a website is the most important. Through many tactics and techniques, a website can get billions of visitors, but the clients need to understand whether if they just want traffic or relevant traffic? Cause; if a client wants to sell tables or chairs through his or her website, then he or she should be looking for an audience interested in furniture and not in basketball. Moreover, only getting visitors to the website, is not enough!  A suitable conversion rate is equally important. And for a good amount of conversion rate, the reality is to get a relevant traffic to the business.

Expectation: More followers means more business

Reality: One of most important expectations of the social media team is to drive more followers. And “number of followers” is a metric tracked by many digital marketing teams.

This is essentially an anchor to test the performance and measure the business against its competitors. This metric is essentially used to see the performance of the contents, on the page. Better the performance of the content, better will be the conversions, sales and leads.

Expectation: Publishing this number of posts every day will drive results

Reality: In reality, data-driven posts give results.  

Some brands expect the digital team to publish on a daily-basis. But in reality, it is more important to know the best time and frequency and publish something which carries more information. Continuous analysis on the engagement of your posts, will give you chance to maintain the time and frequency of the posts properly.

Expectation: Creating good social content is good enough

Reality: Creation is just one step, when it comes to driving impact to business.

The content published on social media has the potential to engage, find relevant information and make purchase decisions.

Therefore, whether it’s in the form of video, audio or images contents published on the page should be of high-quality.

Since videos tend to perform well across all social media platforms, these days, most brands are dedicated to create quality video content.

Expectation: Exactly same messages can be published on every platform.

Reality: But, while publishing contents, the digital marketing team needs to understand the audience and the social media platforms that the people use to get the true sense of positioning the contents for each platform. Cause, different social media platforms have different demographics and it is only the digital marketing team who are going to understand that the audience of Linked-In is vastly different from that of Instagram.

Expectation: Digital Marketing is Only for the Big Companies

Reality: The reality is digital marketing is for everyone – big, small, start-ups or old. For running a business, it has to be online. Today more than half of the audience is on social media and they keep looking for products or services online and gather information from there. Therefore, once the business is online, digital marketing has a big role to play.  

Expectation: Digital marketing is not “set it and forget it.”

Reality: Once a campaign is run on Social Media, be it Facebook ads, Instagram or PPC –  need constant monitoring of its campaign. Sometimes audiences get exhausted and the frequency, with which an ad was working weeks last, suddenly stops working.  Therefore the digital marketing persons must keep their eye on all campaigns and on all social media platforms. An ad’s creative design and written copy should be changed periodically. New ideas can also be scaled up.

Therefore, true social media marketing success requires hard work, patience and attention to detail. Moreover, if invested carefully, both time and money, some of the digital marketing expectations can become a reality.