Advertising posters are used by small businesses. A poster has a visual design, images, and copy. It provides a message intended to promote brand awareness or call attention. A poster has many advantages.

Flexible size

Posters are printed in various shapes and sizes. A letter-sized poster allows sending the poster as a mailer, or fit it on bulletin boards. For greater visual impact and design flexibility, a large poster size with an impressive colour scheme has a better chance to grab attention.

Distribution Flexibility

Posters allow for flexible distribution or placement. Companies have specific bulletin areas for public postings. Promote events by putting up posters, gain the potential for repeat exposures and improved brand recognition in secure and visible spots.

Long-term Exposure

Posters have 24/7 accessibility and a long shelf life compared to other print options. A newspaper subscriber throws away the paper after one reading. In the right location, the poster remains for days, weeks, months or years, depending on the timeliness of the message. A poster is available to reach readers at all times. On a well-lit lamp post, connect with passers-by at 6 a.m. or midnight. In a 24-hour business, the availability of message is longer.


Advertising posters are affordable with a high return on investment – more than newspaper and magazine ads. With a team of interns or hourly workers, the distribution cost is less. Compare the costs and the longevity of the message to the price for a small box ad in a newspaper, the value becomes clear.

A&M Communication suggests the idea of posters for small businesses as they carry several merits. In fact, the agency has done great communication through posters for its clients in the past. Even today, posters with a creative look and appearance fare well in getting the intended message across to the masses at a much lower cost. For products or service meant for mass consumption, posters are a desirable option.


With an email list, sending regular email newsletters becomes important for businesses. It offers updates on business, products, and services. It is not a hard sell effort but an update from an interesting, friendly person. These motivate customers to take action, make a purchase or check out the latest spot. Email marketing works better than social media marketing. Social media site may shut down, but an email list is an asset forever.

Various metrics tell how successful it is. How many people open emails, how many click emails, how many unsubscribe from the list. Paying attention to these metrics is important – to build brand success and motivate customers to action, to keep them updated on the latest content. Once the real purpose of a newsletter is understood, utilize email campaigns to guide the audience to some action. Inform them about upcoming sales, promotions, or special event deals.

A personalized checklist helps keep the emails consistent with the voice or personality of the brand, while meeting the needs of customers consistently. Spend time drafting the checklist and then stick to it. Doing so improves future email marketing campaigns and increases ROI.


In the digital era, A&M Communication crafts wonderful newsletters on behalf of clients and these prove highly effective in getting the message across. For small and medium businesses, these are a cost-effective way to communicate.




Radio Advertising Boosts Business

Radio advertising offers the opportunity to deliver a simple and powerful message to a targeted group of consumers that may be interested in the product or service. It remains effective despite the growth of other forms of advertising.

Radio stations sell time, and they sell access to markets. The key feature of a radio station is the format—the kind of programming it features and the style of the RJ. The format decides the audience the station appeals to, and the audience it delivers to advertisers.

Radio audience wide

The survey shows the number of people listening to radio is increasing every year.

Customised content

Radio allows messages to be tailored and localised to suit each audience. Advertisers target their message to specific demographics and communities, geographic locations, and around events and genres in a market. Each radio station is operated with specific market segments in mind. The product or service is advertised to the exact target market.

Simultaneous engagement

People spend the most time with radio throughout the day, providing ample opportunity for a message to reach its audience. People carry out their activities while simultaneously listening to the radio. Surveys show radio listeners are less likely to "tune out" when ads come on the radio.

Anywhere, anytime medium

Given the radio’s portability, advertisers have the opportunity to reach people on the go. The accessibility of radio enables listening to happen in places that other media has difficulty reaching. It overlaps with the digital media via downloadable radio station apps.

Pulse of Community

Radio is live and local – reflects the community. People listen to the radio to find out what is happening in their community – events, news, traffic updates, weather reports, sport, and entertainment. It is more local than global. It is interesting to note that radio has the characteristics that the new digital world has – acts as your constant companion.

Promotional scope

A ‘live broadcast’ at the location, sampling the product on air, and holding a competition…Such promotions can be hard to do with social media, print, or television. But radio can offer this sort of target customer involvement at an affordable price. If it is done well, it can personalize the product or service for the target customer.

Highly influential

Radio is the medium to build top-of-mind awareness. Careful time placement of ads has an impact on call to action. A personal endorsement by a radio personality adds credibility to the product or service. Radio content influences people because they feel they are hearing it from a ‘friend’.

Reaches target customers with frequency

Advertising works by repetition. The target customer needs to hear the commercial three or four times before responding to the call to action. To reach this level of frequency, radio advertising is more cost-effective than other media.

Flexible and immediate

Radio commercials can be created quickly without the delays of other media. Copy can be produced and revised fast. A radio advertising campaign can be up and running within a week.

Provides strong call-to-action

Radio commercials can be selectively scheduled by weekday, enabling messages to be delivered close to purchase. Listeners can act on an advertiser's message and participate in station competitions.

Hoardings offer effective outdoor advertising

Hoardings are the large boards meant to prominently feature printed graphics and designs. They are very effective as the basis for an outdoor advertising campaign. Hoarding advertisements are the most vibrant and eye-catching opportunities in outdoor marketing. With a dash of creativity, businesses find new ways to meet local requirements while making a visual impression – this includes thinking out of the box with how to use the hoardings.


It is visually appealing for every customer. Hoarding advertising is placed along thoroughfares and highways. It increases the possibilities of being seen by a large number of people. This advertising medium is effective in catching the attention of the target audience.

Access to target audience

Hoarding is placed in areas picked up by advertisers. It is easy for companies to reach a particular or specific consumer group they sell their products and services to. Hoarding is positioned along the route where prospective consumers drive by or pass by frequently or regularly.

Audience Conversion

The location and unique design of hoardings matters in making sales and converting an audience into instant customers. If a person sees the hoarding and suddenly realizes the need to buy the advertised product, it is easier to drive to the nearest establishment offering that product.

Brand identity grabs attention and grows the business

Brand identity makes the business distinct and takes it to the next level. It is the assortment of all elements created by the company to project a suitable image in the eyes of its consumers. It makes the company recognisable and the audience links brand identity with the product or service.

The identity that sets the connection between the company and the consumer and builds loyalty is what brand identity is all about. How customers perceive the brand is also based on it.


Design plays a pivotal role. Corporate design decides how the brand is perceived. Logo, packaging, web design, and social media graphics are all included in the list. A business with a correct representation of what the brand is all about.


Brand identity is expressed through many elements. Typography matters. Choose the logo font for branding materials wisely. It is the key part of brand identity. It should be simple, clean, classic, and clearly express the set of brand values. The choice of colours has a big impact on how the brand is perceived by the target audience. The form and shape also matter a lot. A square logo elicits a different reaction and a logo with circles fetches a different response.


The company website is another highly representative aspect of brand identity for online or digital products business. Customers navigate the website before finalising a transaction. The website showcases the brand identity and it should be done with impact.


Product packaging is another way of attracting the audience. A good design improves the experience – and fetches loyalty and repeat purchases. Make design achieve its goal through packaging.

Considering the multiple options to amplify the brand identity, it is important to focus on its strengths and importance in making the business successful. This is one area that has to be professionally executed with the involvement of a professional advertising agency.

A&M Communication has a brilliant team of creative designers and strategists who understand the brand and its core values to create a strikingly powerful brand identity for clients. Small and medium businesses gain traction through the impact generated by brand identity.

Importance of Brand Image in advertising

Every company tries to build a strong image because it helps in fulfilling the business motives. A strong brand image leads to more profits as new customers are attracted to the brand. It is easy to introduce new products under the same brand. The confidence of existing customers gets a boost. It ensures better customer-business relationship.

Companies focus on building brand personality to create brand image when the customer interacts or gets to know about it.  They decide how the brand will look, where to locate the brand in customer’s mind for better positioning. It does not always form out of experience and interactions with the brand. Prospective customers form a brand image after reading news about it or after watching influencer reviews.

Many consumers do not buy products because you have the best product. What you stand for matters more. Shared values drive them to have a brand relationship. The quality of interactions matters more than the quantity.

Building brand image

Before building a strong image, understand what the brand stands for. This basic work helps to position it in the market and win the hearts of target customers.

Determine your mission, vision, and values

It is important to define the mission, vision, and values because everything the company does should align with the mission and values. Inconsistency in values hampers brand image. Define the purpose before promoting your brand.

Understanding mission, vision, and values – to practice what is preached – goes a long way in having happy, productive customers.

Create a brand personality

Each brand needs a personality, voice, and characteristics. Start by choosing the tone and write a dozen attributes of the brand. Defining a brand personality brings consistency to brand image.

Identify key audiences

If the potential customers are known better, it helps craft a marketing message specifically for them. Research more about the audience and gather data on them. Segment them to create five fictional representations of target customers. Understanding audiences is the key to portraying the right brand image.

Top 3 brands that nailed mobile marketing strategy

Today, we will discuss the facts about the mobile marketing strategy that some of the well-known brands have used to gain success in their business. An effective mobile strategy does not mean to achieve the maximum business opportunity. It implies that giving the customers a personalized and agile experience that they are in need. The mobile strategy has now become the second option for various brands, but still, now a perfect mobile strategy can help your business to grow at a faster pace.

Therefore, let’s explore the name of such marketing brands for future those who can rule the market using mobile marketing strategy.

  • Nike:- This brand always comes first when it comes to mobile marketing their brand. Their iconic shoes logo to their Just do it slogan is their brand, that nailed the market with their innovative strategies. Clothing and the garments companies always come in the first name when the question of mobile marketing comes into existence. Knowing your audience is crucial in mobile marketing, and Nike is successful in understanding that more effectively. Nike is quick to utilize the video moments in the most effective manner to reach their target audience easily.
  • Adidas:- After Nike, Adidas is the next big brand that understands the perfect mobile marketing strategy. They have an impressionable and youth brigade in their target customer base and they are the best in this segment to deliver the future generations the outfits and kits they require. Their celebrity endorsement Lionel Messi and Karlie Kloss, gives an iconic face an image to this brand they are comfortable in their apparel. You can quickly call it one of the best marketing brands for the future.
  • Walmart:- Over the past few years, Walmart has matured enough to develop the perfect online mobile marketing strategy to attract its target audience. They are now partnering with Google to deliver voice shopping options to its customers. Hundreds and thousands of their products are being sold using Google assistant.


Hence, from the above information, it has become clear about the name of the top three brands that are dominating the market with a perfect mobile marketing strategy to develop themselves as future leaders.

10 Tips for managing creative people


A difficult client is actually a misnomer, because a “client” or a an ‘account’ (in our advertising parlance) cannot be difficult. It is only a person or persons on the client’s side who pose the difficulties. Mind you whatever people say on the internet (I am talking mostly about experts sharing from the Europe or the America) is almost not applicable in India. Why?

The communication business as we know it evolved in the West and because of phenomenal growth in industry

and economies, grew and flourished and became a worldwide feature. But we are getting away from the point – most important ‘brands’ or ‘clients’ in India are an elite segment who are educated, knowledgeable, responsive to new ideas, and willing to listen to professionals outside their own field (meaning us advertising and PR professionals). The bulk, however, are traders or people who happened to come upon a new product or a service and then made a killing in the market, became wealthy, and began to advertise – they are the ones who need convincing.

However there are certain ways that we can ‘woo’ such ornery people away from their mindset or mindlessness. Here’s how…

  1. Be patient and actively listen to what he/she wishes to tell you. You may know more, but the guy sitting in that chair made the money and he is the one who’s going to spend it, so show some respect and wait for him to come around
  2. Choose your words carefully and be cautious about exhibiting your language skills especially in English. Gauge the person’s abilities before you venture ahead. Consciously avoid jargon in early meetings – the client may feel intimidated if he is not familiar. If he pulls a fast one on you by using such terms, counter to simply demonstrate that you are a cut above; do not express your “superiority” be it in knowledge or in strategic thinking.
  3. In fact you should be a little submissive to begin with for example always tone down your counter statement by saying “…from my limited experience” – it will make you more tolerant and the increase client acceptability
  4. Try and get to the heart of the requirement - ask clients for specific examples of their problems, suggest specific remedies for that problem, set deadlines across the table if possible
  5. Don’t always agree – ready agreement with the clients viewpoint may irritate some of them, move away from the subject and take a round about route to suggesting a solution
  6. Keep your focus on what your client wants you to achieve – focus on the outcome; don’t waste your time with trivia or running round trying to analyze symptoms of the problem, try and work towards the end goal
  7. If possible persuade the client to sit-in on “Skype’ meetings - then you have a ‘visual document’ of what transpired and what was actually said; for important meetings or briefing sessions you can even think of video or audiography; later you can always point at a certain thing and say that “we have solved this and are moving on to the next”
  8. If you feel that you are setting off “sparks” every time you meet the client – then you are ‘conflict-prone’ (or the client is); best is to find another member of your team to assign to the client; If you can, ask the client who they’d prefer to handle their account, so they don’t feel slighted, but rather realize that you’re providing them with exemplary customer service.
  9. Part company – in other words resign the client, spend your time working with more productive clients, and one of your competitors gets your irrational client. That’s a win-win.
  10. It is not wrong to ‘repeat’ - Once he's had time to explain why he's upset, or what he wants, repeat his concerns so you're sure that you're addressing the right issue. If you need to, ask questions to make sure that you've identified the problem correctly.

Our clients appreciated our quick transition

As the corona pandemic arrived in India, the countdown to lockdown began. When life goes on, the show must go on. So we switched our mode of operations and zoomed in. The landscape changed from cubicles. Every home turned into a veritable office as employees connected online, ready for daily briefs every morning. In the midst of global slow down, we faced no slow down in terms of deliverables. Work happened faster, clients looked happier. With shortened deadlines and almost-perfect work getting approved, we found ourselves at home with the new order.

As clouds gathered on the business horizon during the lockdown period, a pall of gloom spread. But clouds have a silver lining. So there is hope alive. Just like us.  Not like the virus sure to lose the fight.

Our clients appreciated our quick transition to beat the chameleon at its game. New strengths made us energetic and ecstatic. With better operational efficiencies and reduced overheads, we decided to flatten our revenue curve. As we became confident of sharing these strengths with our clients, to help them cope with the current crisis and stay strong on the business front, we slashed our service charges for small and medium-sized businesses.

When the pandemic ends and good times make a big splash, there should be some positive takeaways from this dark phase to keep us happily married for life.

Stay safe, stay strong. We are together for long.

Home-quarantined for 21 days? time to pick up a new hobby or share smile.

At the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, looking at the exponential rise in the death toll and the density of the Indian population, PM Modi decided on a complete lockdown for 21 days, starting from Tuesday, midnight, you are now strictly advised to stay at home. As the experts say, staying home- quarantined is the only way to prevent the outbreak of the contagious Covid Infection Cycle.

We understand that, due to this pandemic,  a constant fear factor, anxiety and panic is playing a major role in your life. But don't you think, there are ways to bring in positive aspects, during these 21 days home stay, to overcome this situation?

Yes, this is the time, when you can explore your hidden talents, engage yourself in some fun activities from your house and revive your hobbies, which you had left undone for a very long time.

So, ble it gardening, painting, cooking or just engaging your creative minds into various crafts, we have listed out options for you to explore. Read on to find out:

Re-discover the Rockstar in you!

You were a music lover in your college days? Unfortunately, with time, you lost your passion for it? But hey! This is the time! Take out your guitar, drum, flute or any other musical instrument lying at the corner of your house and start playing your favorite melodies to re-discover the Rockstar in you.

Awaken your inner artist!

Be it your book-shelf or your table top, we know that, for a very long time you have been looking for ways to re-decorate the various corners of your house. Even few days ago, you were thinking of purchasing some home-decor products online for those corners. Noooo…  Not anymore! This is the time! Be it candle-making or photo-frame designing, be it pottery-painting or stitching cushion covers, awaken your inner artist! Try creating some stunning home-decors on your own. And trust us, you can do wonders for your house.

Get creative with your cooking!

Remember helping your mother in kitchen and taking cooking lessons from her, whenever you found time from your books? We are sure, cooking used to be your favorite passtime. But, it  must have been a while now, that you have cooked something really good for yourself and your family? Now that you are home-quarantined, this is the time! Make something mouth-watering just your mom's way and bring back those old memories.

Join a Virtual Book Club…

You are an avid reader. You take suggestions from your friends and colleagues, and enlist those names in your phone memory, as your memory is bad player, very often. Now that you have some extra time, dive into that list. Although, reading is a solitary activity, but virtual book clubs offer you with live discussions with authors. This definitely will keep you motivated and allow you to connect with other readers like you, thereby, enhancing your knowledge.

Garden Creatively…

Gardening is a common hobby amongst most people. And if you have a backyard or balcony in your apartment, during this time of social-distancing, why not re-cultivate your old hobby of gardening in a creative way? Cause it's not just about gardening! You can come up with various ways to make it all green. Or if you love the bohemian vibe, decorate your flower tubs with vibrant colors. You can also add beddings and colourful cushions to sit and relax.

When the quarantine phase is over, you will have something to cherish for.

Start Writing….

Do you remember winning many writing competions during your school and college days? But, since you are in a completely different sector now, that skill of yours goes untouched.

But, hey! Writing in general makes for a great hobby! And this is the time! Be it a fiction or poetry, just go for it! You can even write a journal. Who knows? During this time, this might be just the way to express all your emotions.

Volunteer from your home…

Share the warmth and see your happiness doubling up.

If you are preparing home cooked meal for yourself and your family members, please remember the faces of ailing senior citizens depending on the maid on holiday for their grub or the sentient police personnel who has dared to take to the streets to fight NCOV by mandating the needful. They are no less than your own family members.

During this lockdown situation, when most of you are at home to be safe from NCOV, you will find many starved faces in your neighborhood.

The elderly, who are unable to cook on their own, and have to depend upon their cook or some home-delivery systems for their food. There are students or labours who have come to the city, from outside, and are severely stuck in this precarious situation.

We request all of you to take part in this initiative and share the bounty to the one who needs, be it an elderly or a kid or poor, nobody deserves to starve. The police who is patrolling your area day in and day out, for your safety, has the guts of an invincible warrior but is made of flesh and blood like the ones staying inside. This is high time to show gratitude and empathy in form of a small biscuit packet and some piping hot tea with disposable paper cups. These small gifts will put a smile curve on their face, a small step from you, but a giant leap for the mankind.

Let us make an attempt to heal with love.

#StayHome #BringASmile #StaySafe