Digital Marketing Agency Expectations VS. Reality

Many brands, big or small, expect a lot from digital marketing. Most of them expecting immediate results but the results always do not turn out to be the same or as per the clients’ expectations. Most of the time, that is the main reason that the clients become extremely disappointed with the digital marketing agency. They already have some pre-conceived notion about the ill-effects of digital marketing and their poor experience proves their thought.

On the other hand, there are clients or companies, who do not deny the influence of digital media or digital marketing, in their growth. In fact, they agree that, with the popularity of the internet and the various social media platforms, digital marketing has created faster and better ways of brand awareness.

In spite of the many advantages of digital marketing, there are certain myths and beliefs that need to be confronted. With the concepts changing added every other day, the clients constantly need to keep an eye upon the strategies of digital marketing and know the realities and expectation.

Read on to find out how:

Expectation: More Visibility Brings More Business

Reality: But the reality is far away from expectation.

Both the clients and digital marketers know and understand that getting traffic to the social media pages or a website is the most important. Through many tactics and techniques, a website can get billions of visitors, but the clients need to understand whether if they just want traffic or relevant traffic? Cause; if a client wants to sell tables or chairs through his or her website, then he or she should be looking for an audience interested in furniture and not in basketball. Moreover, only getting visitors to the website, is not enough!  A suitable conversion rate is equally important. And for a good amount of conversion rate, the reality is to get a relevant traffic to the business.

Expectation: More followers means more business

Reality: One of most important expectations of the social media team is to drive more followers. And “number of followers” is a metric tracked by many digital marketing teams.

This is essentially an anchor to test the performance and measure the business against its competitors. This metric is essentially used to see the performance of the contents, on the page. Better the performance of the content, better will be the conversions, sales and leads.

Expectation: Publishing this number of posts every day will drive results

Reality: In reality, data-driven posts give results.  

Some brands expect the digital team to publish on a daily-basis. But in reality, it is more important to know the best time and frequency and publish something which carries more information. Continuous analysis on the engagement of your posts, will give you chance to maintain the time and frequency of the posts properly.

Expectation: Creating good social content is good enough

Reality: Creation is just one step, when it comes to driving impact to business.

The content published on social media has the potential to engage, find relevant information and make purchase decisions.

Therefore, whether it’s in the form of video, audio or images contents published on the page should be of high-quality.

Since videos tend to perform well across all social media platforms, these days, most brands are dedicated to create quality video content.

Expectation: Exactly same messages can be published on every platform.

Reality: But, while publishing contents, the digital marketing team needs to understand the audience and the social media platforms that the people use to get the true sense of positioning the contents for each platform. Cause, different social media platforms have different demographics and it is only the digital marketing team who are going to understand that the audience of Linked-In is vastly different from that of Instagram.

Expectation: Digital Marketing is Only for the Big Companies

Reality: The reality is digital marketing is for everyone – big, small, start-ups or old. For running a business, it has to be online. Today more than half of the audience is on social media and they keep looking for products or services online and gather information from there. Therefore, once the business is online, digital marketing has a big role to play.  

Expectation: Digital marketing is not “set it and forget it.”

Reality: Once a campaign is run on Social Media, be it Facebook ads, Instagram or PPC –  need constant monitoring of its campaign. Sometimes audiences get exhausted and the frequency, with which an ad was working weeks last, suddenly stops working.  Therefore the digital marketing persons must keep their eye on all campaigns and on all social media platforms. An ad’s creative design and written copy should be changed periodically. New ideas can also be scaled up.

Therefore, true social media marketing success requires hard work, patience and attention to detail. Moreover, if invested carefully, both time and money, some of the digital marketing expectations can become a reality.

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