Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

From the rise of augmented reality to voice search along with influencer marketing, 2019 was a more or less good year for digital marketers.

The journey of digital marketing industry is only expected to rise, this year.

Moreover, to stay ahead in the market, it’s always better to be aware of the upcoming digital marketing trends.

And here are some notable trends which are going to play an important role in digital marketing, this year.

Trend 1:  Predictive Analysis to Anticipate Results

We are living in an age, where people or consumers may consume content in an unstructured manner, but they are actually doing a lot of homework before taking a buying decision, these days

Here comes the role of Predictive marketing in play, which takes all the unstructured interactions in loop by taking a look at the existing positive data patterns, expecting results accordingly.

  • Many industries, like the hotels and resorts have recently invested in this technology heavily to determine the number of guests on a particular day or an event, so as to increase their booking rates.
  • Many innovative online digital marketing services too are harping  upon the predictive analysis, such as past purchase history, consumer preferences and behavior so as to recommend new product or to experience  better personalized retail  for shoppers and deliver highly targeted product recommendations via email or browser extensions.
  • In fact, many platforms have recently started talking about predictive analysis as well as predictive lead score on their blogs and podcasts. A lot of research and development goes into this, to start offering capability not only to MNCs but to mainstream small business alike.

Trend 2: Insta Shoppable Posts

Social Media over the two years now, have introduced shoppable posts. However, 2020 is going to witness an explosion of these blinking dots. Mainly because of the out-of-the-box integrations with third party apps and new online digital marketing techniques.

With the number of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest users’ rising buying impulse, many online digital marketing companies are realizing the impact social media can have on e-commerce sales, with increased traffic.

However, number of active worldwide Instagram users are1 billion. 90% of them follow shopping brands.  These are Instagram’s  shoppable posts, i.e., instant shopping mostly with clicks on mobile phones.

But here the customers are allowed to quickly see what products are shown in the images  and buy the products directly from the images or videos, by clicking on easy tagged links to purchase  the product.

With this feature, the purchasing time of the customers is reduced significantly and it also creates more efficient conversion funnel for users and sellers, alike.

Trend 3: Visual Search is the Future Now

Every human being can understand pictures in the blink of an eye, in comparison to reading or understanding texts. Considering this, it will not be very strange to see search moving towards the visual way. Therefore, it’s time to meet  visual search, which means every time Google lens camera which points at a piece of clothing, it is performing a visual search of the “….kinda like that, but different”

It’s not just the style matching to that awesome outfit or finding out what type of chair is in that interior, it is going much ahead of that. Photo apps can read text in images and translate them.

Modern consumers are interested in using visual search as part of their shopping experience, thereby increasing the traffic.

Trend 4: Google Ad Strategy  

These days, the focus is more on the paid ad campaigns leading to more clicks on the page, which thereby leads to better visibility of the potential customers. This works as a marketing and lead generating tool, increasing in-store visits while customers are searching for products and services offered.

Trend 5: Emotional Analysis

These days, digital marketing companies only need one keyword to perform an analysis. If a customer comments the word “excellent”, artificial intelligence immediately studies the comment and understands if the post is negative or positive. From there, necessary adjustments can be made in the products and services for the potential customers.

Trend 6: Mobile Optimization

Digital Marketing companies know that, web designing is a laborious task. And it simply doesn’t end at designing. There’s a lot more to it.

It has to be made sure that the buttons click at the right links to make it work flawlessly from the desktops, laptops, Android mobile phones and even from an 8-year old’s i-Pod touch. It is here that the term, “mobile optimization” comes into play.

And yes, mobile optimization is a process, where potential customers access websites from their mobile phones. For instance, if a potential customer is cruising over Amazon, the site should be so easy-to-use that it becomes possible to access the site from the visitors PCs, i-Pads, Android phones, etc . It also has to be made sure that the site is mobile optimized so that, the visitors don’t miss a single sale offer, over something like platform preference.

Trend 7: AR and VR Marketing 

AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Both are quickly becoming the top digital marketing trends. Although, Virtual Reality has been very popular of the two for a very long time, some major digital marketing companies have already started using AR. Using this app is fun!

A user, for instance, wants to purchase a piece of furniture, using this app; the furniture will look exactly like it would look in the user’s space. Considering this, it can be very well predicted that, AR will soon outspace VR in 2020 and by 2021 and will continue to shape the future of digital marketing.

Trend 8:  Focus is on the Video

While content is supposed to be the king; videos make viewers absorb information easily. Due to which, several digital marketing companies and content creators are constantly focusing upon have engaging contents through videos, making video marketing the key for conversions, according to the 2020 digital marketing trends.

Trend 9:

Last, but not the least!  Digital marketing companies just cannot ignore voice search. By 2021, Indian language internet users are most likely to rise by 75% of India’s internet user base. And research shows that 9 out 10 internet users; mainly in India are probable Indian language speakers. Recognising the opportunities, several famous e-commerce, telcos and car brands have included voice-activated search, thereby making searches easy and getting more traffic to the websites. Moreover, today many, almost 31% of smarphone users across the world use voice-activated search. And in 2020 it is believed that most of the searches will be voice searches, making it one of the biggest  online marketing trends of 2020.