Google Algorithm Update

  • Do you keep yourself up-to-date with internet marketing?
  • Do you very often look for information online?
  • Then you must have heard about Google Algorithms?
  • But, do you know what exactly Google Algorithms are?
  • No? Then first look at what algorithms are? Algorithms are set rules for solving problems in the finite number of steps.
    In computer’s language, an algorithm sets the stage for computers to perform any particular task.

The computer is programmed in such a way that; the algorithms comes in-between the numbers of 1 and 100. This is one way of looking at algorithms
But there is another way too which involves mathematical equation. And, usually the counting starts from the backward direction by 4s from 100 to 80. For example 100, 96, 92, 88, 84, 80, which helps in understanding the complex versions.

But, what is Google Algorithm?
Google algorithms, however follows the same basic definition and rule of an algorithm. Whether you are searching for “cute cat videos” or “shoe stores in Kolkata” the search engine comes up with several results to choose from.

 But, how does it decide which results to show you first and in what order?
Here comes the role of Google Algorithm, which is a complex system. It is used to retrieve data from its search index and deliver results for any query on page. To deliver web pages ranked by relevance on SERPs, Search Engine Results Pages, the search engine uses a combination of algorithms and other ranking signals.
“This update to the algorithm focuses more on ranking sites for better relevance by tapping further into the company’s Knowledge Graph, its encyclopedia of 570 million concepts and relationships among them, according to Amit Singhal, Google’s senior VP of search.”
However, on certain occasions the search engine comes up with major algorithm updates, thereby significantly impacting on the SERPs such as:

• Fred • Intrusive Interstitials Update • Mobilegeddon • RankBrain • Panda • Penguin • Hummingbird • Pigeon • Payday • EMD (Exact Match Domain) • Page Layout Algorithm

Below, however, there are some list of Google algorithm launches and updates for advertisers and marketers as well as for the SEO professionals who want to understand each of these changes.

August 19, 2017
Quality Update
• With webmasters and SEO ranking tools detecting some minor volatility on August 19-20, Google confirms quality update.

August 1, 2018
Broad Core Algorithm Update
• Google confirmed via Twitter for the third time this year the rollout of a broad core algorithm update.

March 12, 2019
Core Update (a.k.a Florida 2)
• Google Search confirmed via Twitter the release of global broad core algorithm update, which is one of the biggest.

Although, these differ completely from Panda (September 23, 2014), Penguin (October 17, 2014) or Humming (September 26, 2013), amongst which Hummingbird update is a major overhaul to Google core search technology, but these are a whole paradigm shift and experts call these as a conversational update.

This beside, there are some implications of the Google Algorithm Updates, which Advertisers and Marketers should look forward to perform to be there at the top of the search results.

And the Strategies should be: • Social Interaction and Engagement: Large images should be there for Blogs and Articles. • SEO & Social: Hastags, long tail or generic keywords, should be incorporated in blog posts and social media posts. • SEO Links & Promotions: Genuine link campaigns and press releases should be added to engage more customers. We can also create Facebook Apps to make the concept or website go viral. • SEO Content: Content should be more informative and very precise. More blogs, more web pages, FAQs, etc. should be included. • Design & UI: It is important to keep the pages on the websites updated with the required information to the customers and answer their questions. • Phone Number should be evident and clickable • Business hours should be displayed and added to the local SEO and Google Page Optimization

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