Guide to Video Content Marketing for More Engagement

Content is the foundation of SEO. If you want to get more traffic, and want your page to rank well, you need exceptionally good content strategy and need to write high quality content, may be in the form of:

  • Blogs
  • Product Descriptions
  • Adding Forums, and more.

Anything you put on your website for your audience will be counted as “content”. And the whole idea is to support brands, increase brand awareness and drive-in more traffic.

 In SEO, a well written content can easily drive links to your website, and in return helps increase the search traffic from Google.

But, before that, just take a moment to think about how you must have used the internet in the past few days? Which posts made you stop scrolling through your Feed on FB or Instagram? Which webpages did you spend most time on? And what type of content did you enjoy the most?

Just like most of us, there’s a chance that videos have played an important factor in your answers, to all these questions.

And that’s where Video Marketing comes into play.

Video Marketing or Video Marketing Strategy is the need for the brands… The idea isn’t very new. But video as a marketing process has changed and has become really important on every platform in every channel.

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Today it has become very serious and effective. A large number of business (big and small) are taking advantage of video content marketing, to stand out from the competition and achieve goals.

This beside, video content marketing is one of the biggest ways to bring in traffic from sources still untapped by most businesses.

Not just that. Video Content has become the second biggest search engine in the world, today. Be it recipes or product demos or how-to videos, for that matter, you name it, they have it.

Therefore, video content marketing is tactic that a business needs to incorporate, to get higher return from the marketing efforts.

Read on to find out some more reasons to invest in Video Content Marketing:

1. Storytelling via Video

They can touch the emotional side of the target audience as well as create deeper and meaningful connection with people. While there are several reasons that come to mind; one of the big reasons are videos tell stories, showing videos are mixture of visuals, motion and sounds. These stories can-not just connect the target audience emotionally, but helps a potential customer understand a business also, by creating a ground for its future promotions.  Even makes conversions easy.

2. Getting Converted

For any online marketing campaign; conversion rate is the most essential. If the prospects are not getting converted into leads, the business is not growing. But, by leveraging video content marketing, your business is likely to get more people to sign up for the online newsletters as well as your latest product.

3. Making Engagements Stronger 

This means that when you create and share a video content with the social media followers, there are more people watching them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Not just watching them, but sharing them at large, besides commenting on them. To get further impact on the  results, every video content strategized,  should have quality as its first priority.

4. Getting easier SEO Results

With more number of viewers, visitors and clicks on videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, there is little doubt that Google and similar other Search engines love video content and won’t hesitate to rank it higher. Therefore, Video Content Marketing creates a huge impact on SEO.  A study shown by video content records that, there is  53% percent higher chance to end up on the first page of SERPs.

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