Home-quarantined for 21 days? time to pick up a new hobby or share smile.

At the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, looking at the exponential rise in the death toll and the density of the Indian population, PM Modi decided on a complete lockdown for 21 days, starting from Tuesday, midnight, you are now strictly advised to stay at home. As the experts say, staying home- quarantined is the only way to prevent the outbreak of the contagious Covid Infection Cycle.

We understand that, due to this pandemic,  a constant fear factor, anxiety and panic is playing a major role in your life. But don’t you think, there are ways to bring in positive aspects, during these 21 days home stay, to overcome this situation?

Yes, this is the time, when you can explore your hidden talents, engage yourself in some fun activities from your house and revive your hobbies, which you had left undone for a very long time.

So, ble it gardening, painting, cooking or just engaging your creative minds into various crafts, we have listed out options for you to explore. Read on to find out:

Re-discover the Rockstar in you!

You were a music lover in your college days? Unfortunately, with time, you lost your passion for it? But hey! This is the time! Take out your guitar, drum, flute or any other musical instrument lying at the corner of your house and start playing your favorite melodies to re-discover the Rockstar in you.

Awaken your inner artist!

Be it your book-shelf or your table top, we know that, for a very long time you have been looking for ways to re-decorate the various corners of your house. Even few days ago, you were thinking of purchasing some home-decor products online for those corners. Noooo…  Not anymore! This is the time! Be it candle-making or photo-frame designing, be it pottery-painting or stitching cushion covers, awaken your inner artist! Try creating some stunning home-decors on your own. And trust us, you can do wonders for your house.

Get creative with your cooking!

Remember helping your mother in kitchen and taking cooking lessons from her, whenever you found time from your books? We are sure, cooking used to be your favorite passtime. But, it  must have been a while now, that you have cooked something really good for yourself and your family? Now that you are home-quarantined, this is the time! Make something mouth-watering just your mom’s way and bring back those old memories.

Join a Virtual Book Club…

You are an avid reader. You take suggestions from your friends and colleagues, and enlist those names in your phone memory, as your memory is bad player, very often. Now that you have some extra time, dive into that list. Although, reading is a solitary activity, but virtual book clubs offer you with live discussions with authors. This definitely will keep you motivated and allow you to connect with other readers like you, thereby, enhancing your knowledge.

Garden Creatively…

Gardening is a common hobby amongst most people. And if you have a backyard or balcony in your apartment, during this time of social-distancing, why not re-cultivate your old hobby of gardening in a creative way? Cause it’s not just about gardening! You can come up with various ways to make it all green. Or if you love the bohemian vibe, decorate your flower tubs with vibrant colors. You can also add beddings and colourful cushions to sit and relax.

When the quarantine phase is over, you will have something to cherish for.

Start Writing….

Do you remember winning many writing competions during your school and college days? But, since you are in a completely different sector now, that skill of yours goes untouched.

But, hey! Writing in general makes for a great hobby! And this is the time! Be it a fiction or poetry, just go for it! You can even write a journal. Who knows? During this time, this might be just the way to express all your emotions.

Volunteer from your home…

Share the warmth and see your happiness doubling up.

If you are preparing home cooked meal for yourself and your family members, please remember the faces of ailing senior citizens depending on the maid on holiday for their grub or the sentient police personnel who has dared to take to the streets to fight NCOV by mandating the needful. They are no less than your own family members.

During this lockdown situation, when most of you are at home to be safe from NCOV, you will find many starved faces in your neighborhood.

The elderly, who are unable to cook on their own, and have to depend upon their cook or some home-delivery systems for their food. There are students or labours who have come to the city, from outside, and are severely stuck in this precarious situation.

We request all of you to take part in this initiative and share the bounty to the one who needs, be it an elderly or a kid or poor, nobody deserves to starve. The police who is patrolling your area day in and day out, for your safety, has the guts of an invincible warrior but is made of flesh and blood like the ones staying inside. This is high time to show gratitude and empathy in form of a small biscuit packet and some piping hot tea with disposable paper cups. These small gifts will put a smile curve on their face, a small step from you, but a giant leap for the mankind.

Let us make an attempt to heal with love.

#StayHome #BringASmile #StaySafe