One of the most important questions in the marketing industry today is, “What are the new trends?”

Yes. Many companies, these days are open to take up the latest and the most talked about innovations of the world. Some of which may directly make an impact on the campaigns of the business. Some of these have even become industry staples, while others disappear within a few years.

Here’s a graph showing that Digital marketing is changing drastically every year. In fact from the rise of voice advertising to the connected TV revolution, Digital marketing has already noticed several strides of changes. The momentum sparked in 2018 and with the technological advances, it is progressing in this year, 2019, and with every evolution the world is becoming digital-driven.


So, let’s dive into the top trends which are expected to dominate the landscape of Digital Marketing.

Connected TV

Advertising via connected TV became more prevalent in 2018. Slowly it overtook mobile, which according to Extreme Reach accounted for 30% of Video ad. This has, however projected to reach 190 million users, offering unparallel reach and targeting capabilities. The upward trend is likely to continuously increase, recognizing opportunity to precisely and efficiently reach the desired consumer demographic in ways that were earlier not possible through traditional TV commercials.

This link below clears the fact that CTV has helped young minds to achieve something special for their special friend.

Instagram TV

Instagram, this year has launched its own YouTube competitor: Instagram TV (IGTV). This is unlike the fleeting instagram stories, which happens to disappear within a few hours or the traditional Instagram videos, which has the capability to record up to an hour in duration. Although a new born, IGTV is slowly cementing its role in the social media landscape, thereby disrupting the video market with its unique branded content opportunities, keeping the followers engaged continuously in the rapidly changing social media environment, just like the video below:

AI and Chatbots

From healthcare services to advertising and finance, Artificial Intelligence is entering every major industry, these days. It is not just enhancing analysis helping the marketers plan their business more efficiently; but enables customers interact with their brands easily too. Mostly by using chatbots – be it using Facebook Messenger platform for booking rooms for hotels or ordering flowers.

Not business, it has also made personal life simple. Just like A Chinese software engineer designed a chatbot that would reply to his girlfriend’s messages while he was busy at work.


Voice Advertising

At the start of 2018, the popularity of voice-activated devices encouraged advertisers to venture into new territory with voice advertising. Today, millions of people use these voice devices to ask for information, know shopping list, etc. This is also giving a wide opportunity for brands to take advantage of this shift by developing creative voice campaigns using distinctive phrases.


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