Importance of Brand Image in advertising

Every company tries to build a strong image because it helps in fulfilling the business motives. A strong brand image leads to more profits as new customers are attracted to the brand. It is easy to introduce new products under the same brand. The confidence of existing customers gets a boost. It ensures better customer-business relationship.

Companies focus on building brand personality to create brand image when the customer interacts or gets to know about it.  They decide how the brand will look, where to locate the brand in customer’s mind for better positioning. It does not always form out of experience and interactions with the brand. Prospective customers form a brand image after reading news about it or after watching influencer reviews.

Many consumers do not buy products because you have the best product. What you stand for matters more. Shared values drive them to have a brand relationship. The quality of interactions matters more than the quantity.

Building brand image

Before building a strong image, understand what the brand stands for. This basic work helps to position it in the market and win the hearts of target customers.

Determine your mission, vision, and values

It is important to define the mission, vision, and values because everything the company does should align with the mission and values. Inconsistency in values hampers brand image. Define the purpose before promoting your brand.

Understanding mission, vision, and values – to practice what is preached – goes a long way in having happy, productive customers.

Create a brand personality

Each brand needs a personality, voice, and characteristics. Start by choosing the tone and write a dozen attributes of the brand. Defining a brand personality brings consistency to brand image.

Identify key audiences

If the potential customers are known better, it helps craft a marketing message specifically for them. Research more about the audience and gather data on them. Segment them to create five fictional representations of target customers. Understanding audiences is the key to portraying the right brand image.