Our clients appreciated our quick transition

As the corona pandemic arrived in India, the countdown to lockdown began. When life goes on, the show must go on. So we switched our mode of operations and zoomed in. The landscape changed from cubicles. Every home turned into a veritable office as employees connected online, ready for daily briefs every morning. In the midst of global slow down, we faced no slow down in terms of deliverables. Work happened faster, clients looked happier. With shortened deadlines and almost-perfect work getting approved, we found ourselves at home with the new order.

As clouds gathered on the business horizon during the lockdown period, a pall of gloom spread. But clouds have a silver lining. So there is hope alive. Just like us.  Not like the virus sure to lose the fight.

Our clients appreciated our quick transition to beat the chameleon at its game. New strengths made us energetic and ecstatic. With better operational efficiencies and reduced overheads, we decided to flatten our revenue curve. As we became confident of sharing these strengths with our clients, to help them cope with the current crisis and stay strong on the business front, we slashed our service charges for small and medium-sized businesses.

When the pandemic ends and good times make a big splash, there should be some positive takeaways from this dark phase to keep us happily married for life.

Stay safe, stay strong. We are together for long.