Simple Yet Effective AD Strategy

Did you grow up in the 90s? The jingles “Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho…”, “Tan ki Shakti man ki shakti – Bournvita”, “Dairy Milk-Kuch khaas hai hum sabhi mein” still ring into your ears! Right?

Yes, these ads were so catchy and so relatable to life, that more than you enjoyed watching your favourite program on the TV, you looked forward to the advertisements that came as fillers.

In this new age of technology, when the tech savvy young generation prefers mobiles and computers to TV or newspapers; advertising online, particularly through social media campaigns, email newsletters and websites has gradually taken over advertising through print media or radio. The new age marketers, in fact whole-heartedly believe that digital marketing is an effective way of promoting business.

A large portion of the population may remain online most of the time, but has the modern generation forgotten to watch TV or stopped listening to the radio or read newspapers? No. Now, the trick is to use both digital and traditional process of marketing effectively.

Go through this write-up to find out the most effective ways to combine digital and traditional marketing.

The Cross-Channel Impact : Why abandoning one  medium is wrong?

Every marketer’s ultimate goal is to promote his or her business through promotion of the company’s products, services and features based on a specific target audience, thereby attracting and converting as many visitors as possible. Therefore, concentrating only on digital or traditional marketing would not bring the best results. It will rather cover only a part of online or offline audience.

Pepsi is a good example. It had lost a lot of money, as it shifted completely from traditional TV ads to social media.

Both traditional and digital ads, as a matter of fact has the same principle of attracting different customers, but abandoning one for the sake of the other is not superb for any kind of business.

Therefore, it is important for a marketer to focus on both the means, to attract as many customers as possible.

Online tactics for Offline Sales

Online tactics for offline sales? OK. Now let’s face it. Technology didn’t really bring anything new in the market. Instead, it digitalized the traditional process of marketing.

By capturing a moment in an image and visually merchandising the goods and services through traditional printing services like flyers, brochures and posters, one may or may not attract customers and generate enough interest. But, with online marketing campaign for  goods and services; word-of-mouth promotion i.e., testimonials from satisfied customers are important and that would definitely generate sales.

Is Your Ad Influencing People?

Brand awareness means bringing attention and sales promotion. People may know your brand, but this does not mean that they will get engaged with it, especially people who dislike spending much online.

Only focusing on sales through social media, for instance, would miss out on some potential customers. But by adding the website on the newspaper and reminding the readers to check it out is unique and simple. This is a great way to leverage both marketing methods and produce best result for your campaign.

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